M.A.D Mad About Dance | Feature Film

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M.A.D Mad About Dance | Feature Film

Movement Genre:

• Street/Hip-Hop Dance
• Breakdance
• Popping
• Locking
• House Dance
• Waacking/Vogue
• Commercial Dance
• Stunt Direction
• Movement Direction
• Character Direction
• Artist Development & Direction

Mad About Dance is an Indian dance movie & Bollywood’s answer to the ever popular dance/romance-drama film genre & features an international cast of actors & dancers. The film follows the story of three Asian boys who leave their home and country to study abroad, chronicling their struggles, heartbreaks, trials and triumphs.

The coming-of-age drama explores how life-changing experiences push the characters into a journey of manhood & features a number of major indie/hip-hop fusion dance numbers with the film described as a ‘West Side Story meets Street Dance extravaganza’

Del was responsible for casting the UK talent in the movie as well as choreographing & being assistant director on all the dance scenes.