Fink | Shakespeare

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Fink | Shakespeare

Movement Genre:

• Contemporary
• Street Dance
• Hip-Hop Dance
• Contortion
• Physical Theatre
• Movement Direction
• Character Direction

Fink, aka Fin Greenall, is a BMI Award winning English singer, songwriter, guitarist & producer who has collaborated with distinguished artists such as John Legend, Amy Winehouse & Professor Green.

‘Shakespeare’ is the second single from his most successful album to date Hard Believer. The video features a couple going through emotional & mental stress from the ending of their relationship, their journey from an argument to their frustrations, emotions & anger manifesting into spontaneous movement outbursts as they walk away from each other.

Choreography & movement were created on the two dancers cast as the couple to appear involuntary, unusual & act as a visual interpretation of the song’s notion of love & loss. The intensity of these movements build as they travel further apart from each other & at times appear to influence the others movements, though they are nowhere near each another. Movements were also designed with the split screen editing, camera effects & the reversing of footage in mind to compliment the mood & narrative as the song & video progresses.