Pizza Hut | Taste Freedom

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Pizza Hut | Taste Freedom

Movement Genre:

• Krump Dance
• Street Dance
• Hip-Hop Dance
• Movement Direction
• Character Direction

Pizza Hut is an American international restaurant franchise known for pizza and side dishes. The fast, sharp, sassy, stylish ‘Taste Freedom’ campaign is part of Pizza Hut UK Restaurants’ £60m business redesign programme encouraging its customers to dispense with formalities and overly strict table manners which was first aired during the general release of the blockbuster Hollywood movie Jurassic World.

The ‘Taste Freedom’ commercial is a stunning visual interpretation that celebrate’s a new Pizza Hut, introducing the next generation to the Pizza Hut that is loved already with an updated look and bigger flavour. New is unexpected. New is fun.

Much of the visual effects were executed for real, playing with real materials and using real techniques. Del was brought in to work on the dance segment incorporating a young dancer, flour and air cannons firing huge plumes of flour into the air. Using the dynamic Krump dance style, movements were choreographed in time with the music and edit in mind to amplify the incredible visual flour effect and whilst delivering a great performance.