Bill Laurance | Aftersun

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Bill Laurance | Aftersun

Movement Genre:

• Contemporary
• Physical Theatre
• Movement Direction
• Character Direction

Bill Laurance is a Grammy award winner and Original member of the internationally acclaimed Snarky Puppy.

Aftersun is the title track from Bill’s new album. The video follows a lonely girl who through a forest, finding solace and a place to express herself, eventually ending up at a beautiful viewpoint where a group of girls are ironically taking choreographed selfies instead of the great landscape in front of them. The hero girl opens their minds to seeing things differently, to turn their cameras onto one another, the new girl and the environment.

Del choreographed the hero dancer’s movements as she travelled through the woods and the exaggerate actions of the group of girls based on society’s formulaic action of taking the perfect selfie. We were keen to highlight the cultural difference as well as worldview between our main dancer; enjoying the environment, and the culture of the selfie girls; looking at themselves on their phones.