Step Up | The Dance Workout DVD

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Step Up | The Dance Workout DVD

Movement Genre:

• Fitness
• Commercial Dance
• Street/Hip-Hop Dance
• Breakdance
• Popping
• Locking

The Step Up Dance Workout DVD was released in conjunction with the hit dance/romance-drama ‘Step Up’ films, which have grossed over $564 million worldwide.

Workout scenes were shot in 3 locations to reflect those used in the films from the dance studio, the club, & the scene dancing in the rain.

Dance routines were set to music from the Step Up soundtracks, featuring top artists including Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado, T-Pain, Run DMC, Chingy and Ciara featuring Missy Elliot.

Del was a contributing choreographer, performer & fronted the ‘Top Rock after Dark’ section of the DVD. The end ‘dance out’ sequence of the section was shot entirely under simulated rain conditions.