BBC The Wrong Door

Next Project Work (TV / Film)

BBC The Wrong Door

Movement Genre:

• Street Dance
• Breakdance
• Popping
• Comedy
• Physical Theatre
• Character Direction

The Wrong Door is a BBC comedy sketch show & was the first comedy show in which almost all of the sketches had CGI special effects. Launched on BBC Three, the show achieved the highest ever audience for the launch of a comedy on the channel.

The Daily Record described the show as ‘inventive, exhilarating, rude and sometimes astonishing sketch show combines sharp writing and performing with sci-fi standard special effects to create a whole new breed of futuristic comedy’.

The Dance Battle was a recurring sketch in the show in which one dancer would dance normally, but the other one had a special ability. Using an innovative approach, concepts were created during filming in order for the dancers to act & react to effects that would be added in post production.