Se:Sa | Like This, Like That

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Se:Sa feat. Sharon Phillips | Like This, Like That

Movement Genre:

• Street Dance
• Locking
• Stunt Direction
• Character Direction

Se:Sa feat. Sharon Phillips ‘Like This, Like That’ was a huge clubland hit with a video featuring an entertaining tongue & cheek take on a competitive ‘international’ dance off.

Set in the 1970’s in terms of styling & grade, international ‘crews’ from different countries hilariously stylised & stereotyped arrive in a warehouse location for a crazy, high-energy dance off. Countries represented include Germany, Sweden, UK, USA & Japan.

The dancing & movement really echo each country’s cliche with really ‘over the top’ poses & moves as they try to out-cool each other. One by one, the different international crews battle one another, getting knocked out until the final winners are left, the geeky Japanese.