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Chloe Howl | Behind The Scenes

Chloe Howl | Paper Heart (Behind The Scenes)

Chlöe Howl is a BRIT Critics Choice Award nominee Pop Singer/Songwriter shortlisted for the Sound of 2014 & has been glowingly compared with, & touted as the most exciting UK pop prospect since Lily Allen and Kate Nash.

Paper Heart is an electronic radio friendly tune, all about relationship ending. The video concept is a fun twist on the popular over the top marriage proposal videos online which follows the natural narrative of the song with a tongue in cheek reverse.

The video was filmed using the boyfriend character as the POV of the audience with scenes revealing themselves to the camera whilst constantly moving back. These scenes were meticulously planned through choreography & movement direction of Chlöe, props & the large cast of characters which included dancers, zombies, karate dudes, men dressed as taps, a military band, & carnival dancers. The result is a fun, young, colourful & extravagant video showing the artists personality delivering a British style (sarcastic and witty), whist being visually stimulating & constantly evolving as the music develops. Watch the resulting video \\.