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Millers Oils | The Living Engine

Millers Oils | The Living Engine

Millers Oils are a innovative, award winning British lubricant blender of oil and fuel additives for automotive, commercial vehicle markets and for applications as diverse as hydraulic oils to machining fluids.

In ‘The Living Engine’ commercial a visual presentation was created to highlight the technical superiority of Millers Oils’ latest product compared against competing brands. The ad is set in a conceptual universe, a stylistic 3D stadium hosting a fictional cyborg race between 5 runners, each of who are fuelled by engine oil. One of these runners is fuelled specifically by Millers Oils’ new product, and wins the race while the rest fall to their knees behind him.

Shooting the commercial was technically challenging as camera movement was incorporate into the scenes whilst having 5 versions of the same performer. A remotely controlled camera rig was used to film the exact same camera movement over and over again precisely, whilst the performer was positioned in 5 different spots in each take. Performer movements where choreographed for the 5 cyborg runners to all appear to behave differently and exist independently of each other.

The commercial has received a Royal Television Society Award nomination the category of ‘Best Production Craft Skills’.

Watch the behind the scenes video to see the making of Millers Oils | The Living Engine commercial here: