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Mini Collection | Screendancer

Mini Collection | Screendancer

Mini is an illustrious British automotive marque owned by BMW. The brand markets itself as exciting, unconventional and full of ideas. An original with a high recognition value and a distinctive design that makes it stand out from the crowd.

These values were applied to the Mini Collection Screendancer project, which utilised the popularity of music and the visual medium of dance to pioneer the use of the iTunes visualizer plug-in as an advertising platform for the new Mini Collection Fashion Catalogue. Users of the plug-in experience dancers in Mini apparel appearing to dance to their favourite songs.

Del was headhunted by Mini and creatives from Germany, the home of parent company BMW, to choreograph for the project. The dance numbers were created, each with a different look and feel, to coincide with the different clothing ranges and collections, as well as the anticipated different genre and tempos (BPM) of the tracks users were likely to play. A bank of dance footage was compiled to produce a master file where cue points were selected and related to the BPM and music genres identified in track information of the music being played. The resulting plug-in identifies the rhythm of the selected song and the dancers appear to move to the beat.

The plugin was awarded with a Bronze German Digital Award by the BVDW and the Annual Multimedia Award 2016 (Silver).

The Mini Collection Screendancer can be downloaded at: