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Cornetto Cupidity | Two Sides

Cornetto Cupidity Love Stories | Two Sides

Cupidity is Unilever’s branded frozen dessert Cornetto’s series of short films about teen love and provides a new way of engaging a teenage audience in a modern world, who are spending less of their time watching television and more of their time watching content online.

The popularity of the films is such that they have so far been watched over 50-million times worldwide.

There are always two sides to every story – in the creative love story ‘Two Sides’ the viewer has the opportunity to witness both. Shot predominantly from Point of View, the viewer is able hear the internal monologues and use the YouTube annotation facility to switch from his point of view to hers at the same precise moment in the story to understand what’s going on in the minds of the potential lovers. The full film experience can be viewed at

Del choreographed the male lead character’s dance and movement as well as directing the camera when seen from the character’s point of view to match up with his dance routine.