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L'Oreal Luminiser | Channel 5 TV Ident

L'Oreal Luminiser | Channel 5 TV Ident

L’Oreal and Channel 5 teamed up to produce this TV ident to run alongside the ‘Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser’ campaign, L’Oréal Paris’ first haircare range enriched with Glycogel helping hair appear perfectly polished with a show-stopping shine.

The ident pays homage to the Luminiser TV Commercial featuring supermodel and Victoria Secret Angel Karlie Kloss who struts and dances while fluently displaying her flowing hair in a club-like environment.

The ident focuses on a young lady getting ready in her bedroom which transforms smoothly and magically to her being out on the dance floor. She steps into the centre and she dances confidently looking cool and quirky while a crowd of dancers are drawn to her as she effortlessly steals the show.

Del worked closely with the model on turns, walks and head movements in order to accentuate her L’Oreal enriched glossy hair. Dancers were choreographed to highlight the model as the centre of attention when she emerges on the dance floor. The outcome encompasses the cool, young feel of the Luminiser campaign instilling a positive ‘dance like everybody’s watching’ tenacity.