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FFS Franz Ferdinand + Sparks | Call Girl

FFS [Franz Ferdinand + Sparks] | Call Girl

FFS (Franz Ferdinand and Sparks) is a supergroup formed by Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand and American rock-pop band Sparks.

The video for the single ‘Call Girl’ is slick compilation of graphic shots composed in a black, red and white colour scheme. The band members, whilst being controlled by the hand of a woman on her tablet, perform their musical prowess beneath some cool special effects. Their digitalised instruments, styling and emotions change and are controlled with by a tap, pinch or swipe.

The woman’s hand movement were choreographed to give a unique rhythm and character, developing from elegant, gentle strokes into something more spiteful and malicious as the video progresses.

The special effect data-moshing glitch technique was used creating a broken repetitive movement resulting in an increasingly distorted and nightmarish digital landscape.

Del guided the band in their movements in order to link them to the choreographed hand gestures and the special effects that would be added in post-production.