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Huawei | P8 Alexis Sanchez

Huawei | P8 Alexis Sanchez #ElPasoMaravilla Christmas Commercial

Chinese company Huawei is the World’s 3rd Largest Smartphone Vendor. The #ElPasoMaravilla Christmas Commercial campaign stars Chile and Arsenal FC football star Alexis Sanchez (who is a brand ambassador for Huawei in Chile) to launch the new high-end Android smartphone known as the P8.

Shot at London’s Grade II listed Dorsett Hotel, the advert is set to a remixed soundtrack of Blondie’s ‘One Way or Another’ (with the lyrics cleverly changed to ‘Huawei not another’). The spot follows Alexis Sanchez’s journey from opening a Huawei box containing a P8 to him joyfully traveling through the hotel taking photos in front of a corridor of mirrors, using the phone to ‘light paint’ a Christmas tree and ending up at a party where he performs a slick dance routine (El Paso Maravilla) with all the whole party. He subsequently takes a selfie with the P8 before being interrupted by a phone call from his mother.

Del choreographed Alexis’ movements from scene to scene to deliver a journey that appeared seamless and effortless as well as stepping in as his body double in certain scenes. A simple dance step named ‘El Paso Maravilla’ was devised for Alexis to lead the rest of the cast in the party scene. Dancers were strategically placed and their action/movement directed around Alexis as he travelled through the party to giving a sense of spontaneity to the resulting dance.

A digital marketing campaign was launched in conjunction with the commercial encouraging people to imitate and emulate the ‘El Paso Maravilla and upload their own efforts to a special website: