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Coppel | Mejores Looks

Coppel | Mejores Looks - Primavera Verano

Coppel is Mexico’s largest chain department store. The Mejores Looks commercial highlights the new Spring Summer collection taking the viewer on a vibrant and fun journey.

In the Mejores Looks spot is set on a large, circular, rotating set, divided into multiple ‘dressing’ rooms, with doors that become a gateway into a different world. Each door leads to another dressing room, with a new character, oufit, set design and scenario.

Del choreographed the models’ theatrical entrances and exits through the doors into each new world and their interactions with each other or into the barrel of the lens. Each characters’ performance and actions were designed to show off the collection in the best possible way, using expressive movements which delivered an infectious blend of personality and style, and showing how great they look and feel wearing Coppel.

The overall feeling is an abundance of different stylish Coppel looks, a wonderful combination of effortless style and personality within a designed, playful space bringing the Coppel world to life, a summer’s worth of sun and fun!