Magnum | White

Magnum is the world’s top selling brand of ice cream owned by the British/Dutch Unilever company. Magnum is an ice cream bar that is drenched in chocolate and is marketed as an adult indulgence normally with a sense of sex appeal.

For the launch of Magnum White, a branded social content campaign was created utilising the Facebook Canvas experience using a set of stand alone scenarios that formed a connected vertical narrative that unfolded through user interaction on their handheld device.

Every scene was carefully overseen by Del and the models movements choreographed to “link up” with the previous frame in the vertical scrolling narrative. With a mobile-first approach, each action was designed to worked perfectly in square format as well as flexibility for future use in 16:9.

8 scenes were shot in a day, delivering a beautiful campaign with high production value for the client in keeping the brands premium quality