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Vogue Italia | Sundowner

Vogue Italia | Through My Eyes - Sundowner

Fashion Film Festival Milano with Vogue Italia, after the success of “Through my eyes 2016”, joined forces once again to support talent in Fashion and Cinema industries. Sundowner was one of five fashion films directed by new generation female directors presented as part of “Through my eyes ep. II – Women’s View” . The project was born from the will to portray the female beauty, through a personal interpretation of inner strength, power and resilience. The result is a special collection which encompasses among experimental languages, avant-garde aesthetics and an art cinema narratives.

Sundowner features 3 women who embark on a mysterious mission. They display erratic behaviour including a sequence that features repetitive movements as if they are training for something sinister. Del was responsible for directing the 3 characters’ movements who were played by models. Later on the 3 women don masks and set out on their mission which ends in a peculiar dance routine inspired by dance moves from viral Instagram celebrity Russell Horning also known as the ‘Backpack Kid’. Here 3 dancers body doubled the characters and performed a quirky dance routine choreographed by Del to a soundtrack by American alternative rock band Royal Trux.

In the end, we realise that our 3 girls aren’t a gang of burglars but the last remaining dancing telegrams and travel England to deliver their messages. A fad popularised before the invention of the telephone, dancing and singing telegrams were a way to send messages to each other. Notes of congratulations, apology or love admittance were delivered by artists in singing or dancing form, however the practise started disappearing once more modernised ways of communication became common.

The film was premiered in Milan at Vogue Fashion Night Out 2017 / Vogue for Milan and was screened in a special installation at Via Montenapoleone.