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Nowness | Define Beauty - The Crown

NOWNESS | Define Beauty - The Crown

NOWNESS is a digital video channel premiering the best in global arts and culture across Art & Design, Culture, Fashion & Beauty, Music and Food & Travel. It has featured films with some of the most influential names and brands in fashion, music, film and art.

Define Beauty is the flagship film series from Nowness unpicking the politics and prejudices of attraction and beauty.

‘The Crown’ questions the way in which ‘unmaintained’ male bodies—fed on a diet of beer, idleness, and pizza—are celebrated with a wink, rather than the judgment often reserved for maternal bodies. The film throws a spotlight on these everyday bodies within the context of the most retrograde of events—the Miss Universe swimsuit competition

Beer guts and tiaras scandalise the catwalk as the dad-bod has gained a curious cultural status of late, embodying the celebration of ‘real’ masculinity.

Del was chosen to work with the 3 actors in the film playing pageant contestants from Great Britain, Brazil and India. Del stage directed and choreographed specific movements, poses and stylised walks for each actor in the film’s swimsuit competition, as a nod to the grand opening numbers seen in Miss Universe competitions.

Who wears the dad-bod best? You be the judge.