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Cricket World Cup 2019 | Are You In?

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 | Are You In? feat. Freddie Flintoff

To celebrate the ICC Cricket World Cup coming to England and Wales in 2019, an all-singing & dancing colourful carnival campaign inviting the public to join was launched featuring former England captain superstar Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff performing a cover of Imagine Dragons’ ‘On Top of the World’. The commercial also features Radio 1 DJ Greg James, cricketers Charlotte Edwards, Phil Tufnell, Kumar Sangakkara, and influencers such as Josh Pieters, ReevHD and Danielle Haden.

Del was reunited with Oscar nominated director Peter Cattaneo of The Fully Monty fame working on Flintoff’s warm charismatic performance and choreographing/movement directing the huge cast of 23 dancers/actors, a brass band and 100 passionate cricket fans representing all competing nations on their journey through a cross-section of quintessentially British locations ending up at the world famous Oval cricket ground.

The spot highlights the unique atmosphere and experience of multi-cultural Britain showing cricket in a new light and engage new fans to the sport by demonstrating it’s colourful experience, the national costumes, fancy dress, musical instruments in the crowd and the infectious passion.

The hugely successful launch film has been viewed over 9m times to date and Public Ballot resulted in over 1.6 million applications for tickets and took the total number of tickets applied for at the tournament to over 2.5 million across the two ballots. Tickets were bought across 148 different countries and as far and wide as Madagascar and Mexico which truly shows the global appeal of the World Cup.

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