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Current Account Switch Service Stories

Current Account Switch Service | Switch Stories

Since its launch in 2013, the Current Account Switch Service has enabled 6.7 million people to access the benefits of switching bank accounts in the UK

In the ‘Switch Stories’ campaign, the ‘Switch Guarantee Guy’ returns to demonstrate how the Current Account Switch Service is available to help both individuals and businesses get the most from their bank through scenes combining theatricality and reality.

In a wonderfully theatrical feel, we see him traversing effortlessly and seamlessly between scenes, featuring financially vulnerable people – including a family, a florist and a young couple – with his natural shine, style and charisma while imbuing the key benefits of the switching service with a real, warm and reassuring feel of sincerity.

Employing a continual feel of movement throughout the film, Del worked closely choreographing the lead actor, support cast and camera department to deliver an ease of choreographed movement, genuine human interaction with all of the characters and moving sets, and smooth camera transitions and invisible cuts.