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Kehli | Hypnotized

Kehli | Hypnotized

Kehli is a 19-year old soulful pop vocalist and performer from Dublin, Ireland.

The music video ‘Hypnotized’ was all rehearsed, directed and filmed remotely in lockdown during the Covid pandemic.

While the lockdown saw many artists forced to reconsider their bold and ambitious plans for music videos, ‘Hynotized’ demonstrates that creativity can still be delivered by using limitations to your advantage through a simple iPhone and laptop set up these days.

Alongside Buckloop a Film, Animation & VFX studio, the track was broken down into sections and Del designed dance choreography for Kehli to perform with VFX in mind that would be added in post production.

As well as rehearsing to bring out her best performance for camera, Kehli was guided though tech set up of camera, lighting, green screen, art direction of her bedroom, styling her own hair and make up all through Zoom.

In the video Kehli is seen in 5 different looks to represent her different sides in her bedroom passing time during lockdown. The video explodes into life transporting her and the viewer to escapism with energetic dance, duplication effects, motion graphics and colourful backdrops during the chorus’ and bridge which connects well with Kehli’s young Generation Z content consuming audience.