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Bénénuts | Plaisir Brut

Bénénuts Plaisir Brut | Ça Fait Du Bien De Craquer

Bénénuts is a leading snack brand from France established in 1969 and owned by American food group PepsiCo.

Plaisir Brut translated as ‘Raw Pleasure’ is the brand’s range of unsalted nuts and mixtures, and this new commercial captures that delightfully unexpected authentic and intense taste when biting into Bénenuts Nuts.

This spot features a middle-aged lead lady exasperated returning from shopping who slams down her shopping bags and after picks up a packet of Bénénuts, takes a bite and instantly let’s loose full of life with a candid dance through her kitchen, and into her garden. There she is spotted by her neighbours, Ben and Nuts, recurring characters, who make a joke about her nutty actions.

Del worked with the lead female actor to choreograph her spontaneous dance journey exploding with delightful colour and cheerful comedy showing how the magnificent deliciously raw taste sensation of Bénénuts takes over. Movements were created to be genuine, wild and fun with natural human charm, from grabbing two iceberg lettuces for some pom-pom cheerleading props pumping them above her head, spinning through her kitchen and energetically high kicking and jumping through her living room to finally ending up dancing oblivious of the world in the garden.