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Virgin Voyages | Safety Video

Virgin Voyages | Safety Rocks

Virgin Voyages is a brand new Adults only cruise line by the Virgin Group and Bain Capital headquartered in Florida.

To accompany the launch of Scarlet Lady, the flagship for the Virgin Voyages fleet, a new iconic safety video was imagined set entirely to song and dance taking a leaf out of Virgin own original groundbreaking airline safety video that broke with tradition and expectations but this time in the guise of a Rock Opera.

Using entertainment as the delivery mechanism for safety information, Del worked with acclaimed director Warren Fu (Daft Punk, The Weeknd, Snoop Dogg, Dua Lipa, Shakira, The Strokes) on a film that would make safety fun for viewers, a chance to get passengers pumped for the full Virgin Voyages experience they’re about to embark on and one they don’t just feel obliged to sit through, but one they actually want to see through to the end – and even watch again.

Taking it back to the rock roots of Virgin the goal was to push the boundaries and go edgy, delivering an all-out musical masterpiece that felt at home alongside likes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. A clever irony of using the rebellious attitude of punk rock to show the audience how to follow the important safety rules.

The film features a charming female protagonist Virgin Voyages team member kicking things off in the ‘real’ world with a cliché opening informative walk and talk who suddenly shocks us with unexpected audacity and a bold performance, kicking up a mic stand and launching into the snarliest, brattiest punk song thrusting viewers into the world of Virgin Voyages.

She then takes us travelling from scene to scene through music style changes, delivering each entertaining information segment with flow, pace and clever gags.

Del worked extensively with our hero played by Carolyn Julia Owlett (a British model, actress, presenter, and former singer-songwriter with R&B group The 411) on her 6 min lip sync performance creating captivating movement and choreography with cheeky irony and relentless fun while still delivering important safety rules.

Also featured are 12 dancers playing a combination of crew members and passengers throughout the film. Choreography was designed drawing inspiration from the classic influenced original composed sounds but unique to Virgin Voyages, engulfing the viewer with familiar feelings that instantly indicates the mood with a modern twist. The dance movement variety and music style change ups hook the viewers into a seamless free-flowing journey from a small punk “stage”, to bow of the ship, a Rocky Horror-esq sassy section, Supremes-type girl group doo-wop number to a full dance ensemble ‘grand’ final sequence of epic proportions.

The result us an iconic engaging film full of energy and humour that captures the Virgin Voyages rock ’n roll experience and one that redefines cruise line safety videos and shows that safety rocks!