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Free Fire | T.R.A.P. Battle In Style

Garena Free Fire | T.R.A.P. - 'Battle In Style' Live Virtual Interactive Performance

Free Fire is the ultimate survival battle Royale game for mobile published by Garena. It was the most downloaded mobile game in 2019 and in 2021 set a record of over 150 million active users globally. As of 2021 it has grossed more than $4 billion worldwide.

To launch a new brand identity, a groundbreaking fully animated YouTube livestream interactive performance was created as part of their its 1st and largest global brand campaign called ‘Battle In Style’ allowing fans to interact with their favourite characters from Free Fire’s virtual band T.R.A.P. in real-time combining music, choreography and virtual interactive technologies. Creative talents and teams collaborated in Shanghai, London and Sydney to pull off the music performance in 3 months.

Del designed dance and movements for T.R.A.P. made up of 4 popular characters from the game: Moco, Antonio, Miguel & Kelly which were motion captured at the world leading Centroid Studios and assembled in originally designed worlds by 3D artists from around the world in Unreal Engine.

Choreography was created true to the individual styles and personality traits of the characters, with each of the 4 performing to their own unique solo music track using four musical genres, which were then stacked together to create a Battle in Style anthem reuniting them all on stage for the first time in nearly 2 years for a final epic performance.

Each of the characters’ solo dance sequences were carefully constructed to provide interaction windows where viewers could vote for a change in the concert – such as different outfits and dance moves. The winning choice would then seamlessly appear in real-time.

Legions of Free Fire fans turned up in their masses with the main show gathering over 500k views in 48 hours and a peak live chat rate of thousands of messages per minute.