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The Hoosiers | Choices

The Hoosiers | Choices

The Hoosiers are an English pop/rock band famed for their story-lead adventure themed music videos. ‘Choices’ was the incredibly catchy, electro based first release from their second album ‘The Illusion of Safety’.

In keeping with this 80’s influenced style, a Chinese Kung Fu spectacular theme was used in their video, playing homage to martial arts/gang classics such as ‘Big Trouble In Little China’, ensuring a kick ass return for the band.

With the video being shot like a feature film, choreographic elements of story telling, physical theatre were developed as well scenes of traditional Chinese dance & fight action.

The result is something full of character, colour, costume, art direction with some action packed dancing & martial art scenes. The video was nominated for the Best Pop Video award at the UK Music Video Awards.