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Sidney Samson | Riverside

Sidney Samson Feat. Wizard Sleeve | Riverside

Dutch DJ and dance musician Sidney Samson teamed up with Miami rapper/producers Wizard Sleeve to release this catchy club single ‘Riverside’.

The video features on screen painting & animation to a room full of posters. A super hot girl playing 2 characters, dances & interacts with artists physically & through the posters & animation. The choreography & movement compliments this continual movement, energy & clever playfulness. A fun inclusive dance was created for the chorus to encourage people to imitate & emulate. There is also the use of bold body shapes to create visual typography.

As part of the digital marketing campaign a behind the scenes viral was shot on the video shot called ‘Riverside Yourself’, encouraging people to learn the dance & upload their own version (\\)

The result is popular versions of the song & dance taking over the clubs & have become internet sensations with one making it to number 5 on MTV\‘s most watched videos.

‘Riverside’ reached #1 on the Irish Singles Chart, & #2 on the UK Singles Chart.